what to wear

Generally, most people dress casual. The weather can be hot and humid so it's best to wear light, cotton fabrics. Shorts, flip flops, t-shirts etc and plenty of sun cream!

Hills country
It is always advised to take some warm clothes as the temperature can drop a few degrees and the evenings can be particularly chilly.

If you wish to enter into any of the numerous Buddhist and Hindu temples in Sri Lanka, it is best to observe a few rules: woman travellers should cover their shoulders and dresses should be long enough to cover their knees. Similarly men will need to wear long shorts or trousers.
Shoes must be left outside


Nearly all cities around the country have national and private banks, with many having cash points. Most banks allow withdrawals of up to Rs. 80,000 per day which equates to roughly US$800. Also there many legal money exchangers in most of the main cities.

Safety Lockers
It is best to keep all your valuables somewhere safe. Most hotels and some guest houses can provide safety lockers free of charge. Many of these are located either in the guests room or at reception. A few hotels will charge for their use, so it's best to ask first.


There are two official languages in Sri Lanka: Sinhalese and Tamil.

English is understood by many and whilst you may get answers back in broken English, generally you shouldn't have a problem. Your travel assistant will always be onhand to help out if you get stuck.

getting around

Getting around Sri Lanka is relatively pain free. We provide you with a driver who can get you to the places you wish to visit safely and in comfort.

Train Travel
If you are staying any length of time in the hills, why not consider travelling by train. With such breathtaking scenery it's no surprise many consider this to be amongst the top ten journeys in the world.

Walking and hiking are both safe and you'll find no problems in most areas. We would however suggest you avoid walking alone in the South Coast at night.


As with many third world countries, tipping has become a way of life. Many people rely on tips in order to generate any sort of income. and you find people cannot do enough for you.

Generally if you are satisfied with their service, then an appropriate tip should be given as way of thanks. Usually 10% to 15% should suffice.

after civil war

There has been a general air of optimism throughout the country since the civil war was officially declared over. Whist many parts of the country are becoming easier to get to, we would suggest contacting us first if you are wishing to travel anywhere in the North and East. This is due to the ongoing humanitarian effort to resettle thousands of Tamil refugees.

All this said, a trip to the East's Arugum Bay should seriously be considered if you are looking at getting off the beaten track and away from the holiday crowds.


Before you travel
Consult your Doctor and get the appropriate vaccinations.

Hepatitis A
Sometimes recommended:
Hepatitis B
Yellow Fever - Certificate of vaccination required if arriving from an infected area.

Drinking Water
Always drink bottles water and make sure that the seal hasn't been broken on purchase.

Sri Lanka is close to the equator, so the sun's rays can be fierce. Be sensible and wear suitable factor sun screen.

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